Safaricom Sending Panic Message To Competitors.

Seven years ago if you told anyone in Kenya that they could send money from their phone, they could tell you in a peculiar swahili  “wacha za ovyo” (which me tell me something necessary) yet Safaricom made that a necessity.

New Sim cards to empower NFC Payments

New Sim cards to empower NFC Payments

What if today I told you very soon you will walk in to any supermarket and tap your “Mulika Mwizi phone ” (Nokia 3310) enter your M-Pesa pin and you’re shopping is paid? … Yah!! That is what’s why Nakummat is Camping on Central Bank of Kenya’s doors pledging for that MMT license.  The same goes for public transport that is largely dominated by BebaPay passengers will  just tap their phone to the tout phones and its paid thanks to a New SIM card that incorporate NFC chip. With this SIM card operators will not need to issue new NFC based Card like bebaPay in addition the reader can be SIM based and a common phone can be a POS highly reducing the cost of starting such a business at one point Bebapay had hired the POS.

The technology has been in testing for some years and has seen the support of 45 Operators including Orange and Vodafone the mother of Safaricom at the time of this report Kencel , Celtel ,  Zain , Airtel were notability absent 😉

The technology, however, is not compatible with Apple’s iOS platform because iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 use micro SIM cards which are smaller than the regular card. This limits the space needed to embed the antenna, NFC chip and USIM chip.

Study in South Korea, has hit historic milestone by garnering over 100,000 Visa account holders with SIM-based mobile payment within a very small time.

NFC-times states that 21million NFC SIM cards were shipped in 2012 by South Korea and Japan so like M-Pesa technology that had been implementation in Philippine, this will not be the first implementation but the first mass acceptance if the Kenyan nature of been “peculiar characters” is anything to go by.

MyTaxi a leading Taxi hailing app in Kenya has announced it support and willingness to be in the testing on it over 200 taxi’s in Nairobi.


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2 Responses to Safaricom Sending Panic Message To Competitors.

  1. disciple254 says:

    I am an apple head w/ an entire apple,ecosystem. NFC is cool but can be circumvented by mpesa. Nakumatt are visionary & will set Safaricom on their toes. Companies are begging to plan on cutting Safaricom out as a middle man, they have to plan to adapt or die.

  2. Can I use this site to withdraw cash to m-pesa

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