The pro’s and con’s of Investing in the Matatu Industry.

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{This article has been re-posted to answer some important questions raised by readers and those interested on venturing in to the passenger transport business. see questions and answers on the comments section.}

Matatu business is one of the most profitable transport investments that have escaped foreign investors for many years; this can only be said to have been attributed to/ by the risks involved in running the business; among them corruption and cartels. I had an -off the record- chat with one senior police officer and he told a story about how he had seen a business opportunity and went for it. Back then; he was two steps below the rank he currently holds, meaning; he had more spare time to manage a side business and still be able to provide- service to all- as the police slogan indicates.

He took a loan from a Sacco within the force and took another loan from his bank; with…

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