Google Wallet in Kenya.

Google has maintained it usual swag of venturing to anything.. They have introduced the first ever widely accepted Matatu card by the name “Beba” a term common with matatu touts in Kenya meaning “let carry”.

The card use the recent talk of the year technology yes! NFC. I say the technology is wide spread with reason, I this morning took a city hopper bus to Ngong road and it seemed like I was the only one in the cash generation everyone was issuing a card the tout taped the fare to the android app with the Beba card behind it.

What was of concern to me is that  the card is not password protected the tout just keyed in the fare and returned the card. The cardholder got and SMS receipt.

Expert say that Google could be planning an Entry for the Google Wallet in the market that is controlled 90% by M-Pesa, they claim that google want to create demand before they supply the Google wallet.

NFC Card just a head of NFC Google wallet is the take.


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4 Responses to Google Wallet in Kenya.

  1. Gitachu Wagura says:

    when will tje google wallet be made accessible to the Nairobi market as it is limiting android user
    s from downloadimg the latest applications

  2. joel says:

    I want to buy the google phone calls recorder and need to pay by mpesa please advice

  3. Imal says:

    M-pesa should b incorporated in google wallet! It will lessen th demand for debit or credit card for one to by things online…

  4. shekha ahmed says:

    Am a sub agent and would like to know how much is deducted frm my commission wenever i do a remote transaction. Customers are tricky so we cannot miss several remote transactions. I’d also like to be an agent and hav several subagent lines and also a suoeragent. If i meet the requerements is it possible?.

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