What’s the future of mobile money transfer?

When mobile money transfers were first proposed there was a common assumption that such sophisticated services would first come to market to benefit high value customers in highly developed economies. The truth was quite the opposite, with successful services mobile money transfer services developing fastest among banked and unbanked subscribers in countries like Kenya, Sudan and Bangladesh. What lessons have communication service providers now learned, and what other business models are there for the wider world?


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2 Responses to What’s the future of mobile money transfer?

  1. Noor says:

    Bwana Njoroge,

    I foresee i great impact on cash based business models. I ask myself..do i need to have cash ? I use mpesa to pay my rent, school fees and even grocery at Uchumi. Businesses like Paynet (Pesa Point) have to re-engineer their business model and utlimately kill the cash cow. As for the future of mobile money transfer….its limitless as far as our imaginations can go…

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