Tangaza MMT platform the new avenue to beat M-Pesa

Thanks to the expensive dollar, the increased cost of fuel, the price war in the telecommunication industry that showed calling price go down by over 60% now Safaricom is suffering 50% down. Micheal Joseph could not have quit at a better time a friend once asked me why they had to choose an “african” to take up a company that had reached it climax(then that the voice industry was a low returning segment) an not racist just putting a question forward .

Safaricom losing 18,000 client in the porting duration and the M-Pesa revenue increasing from KSh billion 5.277 to KSh 7.881 billion proves that M-Pesa is a top selling point for Safaricom.  if the likes of airtel,Yu and orange want to beat Safaficom then they should invest in a single Mobile Money Transfer platform that is cross platform and wait a minute! we have one it called Tangaza (I don’t approve of the name tangaza ? nini?) but Seriously if we had a single stable portal could we be enslave to one master? may be Not! Tangaza is working well but for some reasons the uptake is slow one year down the line. something that Tangaza should know is the M-pesa was fueled by young men working in the urban area who had to dictate the mode of money transfer to their families and parents in the rural area.

Kencel,celltel, Zain, Zap, Airtel on thing that made me go back to orange is your never ending promotion SMS on my phone keep them your promotion offer on the media. SMSing them makes you look desperate(which you are but no need showing it:-)


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3 Responses to Tangaza MMT platform the new avenue to beat M-Pesa

  1. where is it situated in nairobi kenya!

  2. disciple254 says:

    Tangaza have the POOREST marketing strategy alive despite their brilliant product.

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