Company branded SMS Reselling

Insurance companies, Banks and business organizations wanting to expand their business  SMS branded also know as Bulk SMS could be your New mode of Marketing. Orbitkenya a software company has developed an SMS solutions for business.

With this solution business can communicate with the clients via SMS, the SMS are sent from a web interface to the client’s phone by just a click of a button What is interesting about the service is that the user can Specify a Sender ID of own liking  like if your Company is named “My Company” the sender id can be set to be “My Company” this making it a non-reply SMS.

The User also has the option of customizing the SMS to include the customer Name and other details that the organization may have about the client.

The application comes with a programming API that can be integrated with any application of the organization so as to be sending SMS.

Orbitkenya has a large directory of different clients that in the different industry that is provided free to the clients.

All one need to set up an account is:

  1. Email:
  2. Buy an minimum of 500 SMS the price of an SMS is 1.5Ksh ( Ksh 750)
  3. Get your account up and running at
All the best in you business

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