Setting up Twitter Mobile (SMS) and notifications

You can now set up Twitter SMS on your phone. You can choose to receive notifications on all your friends, selected friends, DMs and Mentions.

To Set Up

On your phone: Send a text with the word START to 8988 (Safaricom users) or 4040 (For Airtel users)

On the web: Go to

Mobile Commands

  • Follow [username] – To receive updates from a user send Follow along with the username to 8988 (Safaricom users) or 4040 (For Airtel users)
  • OFF or STOP or LEAVE– You can turn off receiving updates from the user that you are following by sending OFF or STOP
  • ON – Sending ON will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
  • WHOIS username – Retrieves the profile information of the user.
  • STATS – This command returns the number of people that you are following.
  • GET username – This retrieves the latest update that the user has posted.

Other Commands

  • send a direct message (d)
  • retweet another user’s Tweets (rt)
  • mark updates as favorites (fav)
  • change their account settings (set)

Turning on @mention or reply notifications

Want receive notifications every time you receive an @reply or @mention without using a computer to change your settings? Pick one of the two easy options below:

  • If you only want to receive notifications of mentions made by you are following, send set mentions on to your shortcode (8988)
  • If you’d like to receive mentions of your username made by anyone (potentially even from users who you are not following) send set mentions all to your shortcode.

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