KPLC E-Bill SMS Service

  1. Open new SMS message
  2. Type the first part of your KPLC A/C number e.g. where 9999945-01, write 9999945
  3. Send the message to 5551
  4. You’ll receive an automatic reply with your account balance details
  5. Currently works on Safaricom & Zain networks and is charged KES5 above normal rates

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13 Responses to KPLC E-Bill SMS Service

  1. james says:

    Hii format haifanyi can you confirm3016510-01

  2. Masika says:

    I have been request for my bill by sending to 95551 but i cant get any respond

  3. titus chege says:

    Texting to 5551 never works. I have tried it several times. Completely unreliable

  4. Gachango Gitau Daniel. says:

    What z the m-pesa pay bill? 55551 or 888888.

  5. zpo says:

    this format is not working, kp do somthng. nkt

  6. simon lunani says:


  7. Hii service haifanyi tupe another says:

    we cant get our bills via this service Jim

  8. augustus says:

    Enter : 3016510 only leave -0 you will see your updated bill

  9. Send my bill pliz &confirm it first

  10. kuria says:

    has the email bill query system changed if new email address please assist.

  11. NYAMU KARANI says:

    PLS help me with this 070054701

  12. Benjamin says:

    I av tried, but just wasting my credit. It’s not working at all. Better the analog billing system than this. It’s of no help.

  13. joel says:

    i dont knw how this digital machine works how u measure the amuont you use

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