Development System Ltd, the holding company that owns Tangaza Ltd. Tangaza Ltd is licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and the Communications Commission of Kenya(CCK) to operate a Money Transfer and E-Payments System in Kenya being marketed under the brand name TANGAZA.

Mobile Money Trasfer is now a household activity in Kenya with the flourishing of mobile telephony technology that has come of age in Kenya. The reception of TANGAZA as mobile money service is therefore not likely to face any uptake issues given that the Kenyan population is already well acquianted with mobile money platforms.

Why would one want to invest in Tangaza (Kenya)?

  • TANGAZA money trasfer is a viable going concern in the Kenyan market. The recruitment of Tangaza Agents (registration, deposit and withdrawal points) nationwide (Kenya), currently ongoing with a target of 12,000 agents to spread to all corners of Kenya.

  • By investing in Community Development Systems Ltd (Tangaza’s holding company), the investor will automatically own a piece of Tangaza Ltd and an equal share of MobilePay Ltd.

  • MobilePay Ltd is the ICT company that has designed and runs  Tangaza money transfer applications. MobilePay  Ltd capitalization is  over Ksh. 3 Billion in the value of both software applications  and hardware at it’s super Data Centre and offices situated at Wilson Business Park off Langa’ta Road at Wilson Airport. MobilePay has been in existence for over 3 years.

  • TANGAZA money trasfer platform can send  or recieve money across all mobile operators networks ie; on Safaricom, Zain , Yu and Orange

  • TANGAZA is the only money transfer service  that you can register and open a  (Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) account online and on mobile phones to enable one to trade in the Nairobi Stock Exchange

  • TANGAZA money transfer service is the only mobile telephony and internet based platforms where Kenyans can  trade (buy and sell) stocks and bonds offered at the Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE). This service is offered in real time( instantly) as long as the NSE is open, and all transaction details instantly relayed to one’s mobile phone or the e-mail address on the internet.

  • TANGAZA  money transfer service is the only money transfer service in Kenya that offers  highest level of registration security through capturing the registrants info by a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA). Information recorded includeds customers name, ID number, address, photograph and thumbprint( with an electronic thumb reader). Every Tangaza agent will have a PDA and a thumb reader for registration and identification of the customer.  The biometric(thumb reader) identification makes TANGAZA safest money transfer service in Kenya.

  • TANGAZA money transfer service is the only money transfer service that you can deposit and withdraw money from an authorised agent without necessarily having to carry a national Identity card or a mobile phone. This is done by simply placing your thumb print on the thumb reader for identification which automatically accesses your TANGAZA account.

  • TANGAZA registration qualifies for Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements  for opening bank accounts ( as prescribed by CBK) which enables TANGAZA account holders to open bank accounts by simply submitting their particulars already captured during  TANGAZA registration, to the prospective banks. Efforts are underway to connect most commercial banks with the TANGAZA platform.

  • TANGAZA international money transfer service:

Tangaza has applied for International Money Transfer license in United States of America under Tangaza LLC registered in DC. Other international markets to follow.

This strategic investment is based on the realization that the Diaspora will always send money “home” and hence the existence of a business opportunity in international money transfer.

Kenyans abroad send home a lot of money every year in form of remittances. According to to a report of a survey done by Bendixen & Amandi (B&A) contracted by World Bank, October 2010, Kenyans abroad sent home over $1.9 Billion (approx. Ksh.150 Billion) annualy. That places them only second to Nigeria Diaspora in the Continent.

However, this huge volume of remittances (for both poverty eradication and investment) has been transacted painfully under high costs in transfer fees. The average transfer costs (from the key Kenyan Diaspora destinations-Europe and North America), across the current money transfer service providers and banks is  about 12% of the amount being sent. The Africa average is  about 10%.

That means a whooping $228 million (about KSH, 18 billion) went into fees for service for alone . Another significant “loss” is in the foreign exchange rate, which the money transfer companies set to their convenience, totalling to another estimated loss of KSH 5:00 for every $ (USD 1.9 x5)= 9.5 billion.

Given this scenario, it is fairly accurate to deduce that Kenyan’s abroad gave up approximately KSH.30 billion in costs of remitting alone. TANGAZA has positioned itself to tap into this lucrative market and is confident to get a sizable piece of the pie.

Upon licensing of the TANGAZA international money transfer service, there are instant advantages for the Diaspora remitter.

  • TANGAZA  money transfer service  will reduce the current cost of money transfer by over 75% ( this works to about 5%, down from the current 15%)

  • The Diaspora will get the market rates for Foreign Exchange

  • The Diaspora will also be able to send their money home ( and receive payments from home too) Online and on Mobile in real-time (Instantly)

  • Once one is registered and has a Tangaza account, the Diaspora will also be able to access the Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE) and trade shares and bonds in real time (instantly) both on their mobile phones and online as long as the NSE is open.

  • The Diaspora will also be able to open bank accounts with ease using the KYC information obtained through the process of TANGAZA registration.

By investing in Community Development System Ltd,  the Kenyan in the Diaspora will therefore be able to;

  • earn dividends

  • get an opportunity to earn an income through owning a business by becoming a Tangaza agent abroad.

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  1. Hellen Nyongesa says:

    I registered as an agent of Tangaza in Nakuru and have just paid the deposit and rearing to go!!

  2. Lewis Anyoli says:

    It sounds good and may your dreams come true so we guys in diaspora can benefit on your initiative…all the best, ciao.

  3. Boniface says:

    that great but let me ask how can some one become an agent

  4. njoshsn says:

    Boniface you can visit https://www.tangaza321.com/agents/ to register.
    Hellen How is the business turn out?
    Lewis Good to hear that

  5. You can drop me an email for ddtails on becoming a tangaza agent

  6. njoshsn says:

    Good to hear from you Shumaa..

  7. Richard K. Bett says:

    just registered for the application for an agent, so what next?

  8. kaptich says:

    Just register with TMT. What next.?? I have a business in Kericho. This venture i believe has a very bright future in kenya. The fact that it cuts across all networks and an internet platform not to mention the low rates.
    Please advise details.


  9. kaptich says:

    What are they implying by saying “TANGAZA money transfer service will reduce the current cost of money transfer by over 75% ( this works to about 5%, down from the current 15%)” or its just another marketing term!

  10. how can one become an agent? send me the answer through an email or sms via this no. 0726524932 pliiiiz.. thanx

  11. lucy says:

    To become an agent, should one be a registered agent with other networks like safaricom, Yu etc and should one necessarily have an established business. please reply via my email

    • shumaa says:

      send the word AGENT to XXXX and someone will be able to call you for details. You can call me on 07XXXXXX for details as well

  12. JOEL NDEBE says:


  13. STANLEY MWANGI says:


  14. Lydia Mwaito says:

    Its amazing how technology is advancing. What are the requirements to become an agent?

  15. Nelson Ekesah says:

    I`m of the agents who have pioneered in the system. What happened to the daily adverts on radio, Tv and newspapers for many customers are eager to see more info.
    Still on marketing we need more specialized branding and possibly T-shirts or caps etc for our attendants to be identified out. More so kindly put up a customer care line (toll free), this is coz we spent too much calling the normal lines at most not getting immediate feedback.
    Are there any update meetings or refresher trainings in case of change of employees?
    Finally let`s have list of registered agents countrywide with timely updates. Otherwise the innovation is a great invention if we can work together to address the initial challenges being that the market is dynamic en competitive.

  16. Wycliffe Mwele says:

    This sounds really good. I am a Mpesa Agent and want to switch to Tangaza, Can you let me know how to become one as soon as possible. I am located in Mombasa, Makaburini area.

  17. Already registered with tangaza as an account holder but am interested to be an agent, kindly assist how.

  18. Tonny says:

    I would like to do the same business in Tanzania, are you thinking of coming to Tanzania for a partnership or Major agent??? Please let us discuss this in business terms

    • shumaa says:

      Hi tonny, kindly call any of the following customer care numbers XXXXXXX or XXXXXXXX and speak to Oscar / Ndegwa/ Gichane

  19. daniel mutua says:

    how do i register in nairobi

    • shumaa says:

      hi daniel, kindly call any of the following customer care numbers XXXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXX and you will get assistance or send me your contacts and I can also call you

  20. Tabitha says:

    I would like to be an agent. Please let me know the requirements.



    I am Mr Zachariah Amos i had registered tangaza via my phone i got a code which you sent me but i do not know how to use that code i have a business in bora bora mombasa where i went to establish a tangaza account agent to be running 24 hours because that place has people 24 hours where i know it will do well my email address is zackyoh@yahoo.com please contact me with that email address so that i can get a way forward

  23. sicily says:

    How do i became an agent, what are the qualifications, how do is work, Yes it is all the networks what are the deductions eg when somebody from the safaricom network come to withdraw cash or deposit.

    • shumaa says:

      sicily you can call any of the following customer care numbers XXXXXX or XXXXXX and you will get assistance or send me your contacts and I can also call you

  24. Raphael kinyili says:

    guys, what is happenning to your service, i tried to deposit money and it took me 3 hours on saturday, right now am trying to trade at nse and am only getting the ” the internet cannot display the webpage”

    i bet you need to invest on your servers to make ur service user friendly , my # 0726678664


  25. Musera says:

    Am based in Western kenya and i find it intresting tell me how to register.

  26. Abdul says:

    I watched a documentary on TV sometimes back and was very eager to read more on this innovation—this is a great idea whose time is OVER DUE!
    I faced difficulties visiting subsequent pages on the home page http://www.tangaza321.com. I could not register and view more details!!! email me amsalat@gmail.com
    I would like to TANGAZA this services in the other Kenya of North Eastern Province. Hope to work with you!

  27. We are Sileo Company kenya ltd and wish to register. kindly email the information at admin@sileonaturalsalt.com

  28. Masozera says:

    Very good ,however was wandering if you be intrested to try some other countries ie DRC Congo . This is because they dont have mobile money transfers, . I would gladly help you.

  29. jimiah says:

    how do i become an agent

  30. shumaa says:

    you can send an sms to XXXX and follow the instructions or call XXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXX

  31. Jemimah says:

    We are a corporate and would like to do payments to our Staff and vendors using Tangaza. Can your team come over and do a presentation?


  32. my reference number is 500762 and am trying to access ur website above bt the comp instead warns me that ur site is insecure and whether i can understand the risks. Whats that? Please let me know my status coz ave already set myself to run with u guys!

  33. shumaa says:

    hi kambu you can call me on 0720599171 and i will give more details. I think there was a technical problem with our site. welcome

    • Thanx shumaa,bt still the problem exists,my comp says ur site is forbidden,called in an expert he says u guys have not renewed something….r u already in debts?…sorry its nt gud business language but this guy seems to say thats why ur site is in accessible…do something guys!

  34. please shumaa,delete the above,wil call u later

  35. Shumaa says:

    kambu, thanks for your comment. we are in the process of upgrading to a more interactive site which you should enjoy very soon. U can still call me and we have a chat.

  36. njoshsn says:

    hi shuma,

    hope you have see my email on your gmail account let me know if not.


  37. Christopher says:

    Are there any of tangaza agents in nyamira town of kisii?

  38. jermaine says:

    I am a businessman within Ukunda in south coast and would like to be a tangaza agent. how do I become one?

  39. Mary Njeri says:

    Am in Nakuru wea do i register 2become a tangaza agent!

  40. Josphat langat says:

    I like tangaza moneytransfer system. I want to be one of its agent

  41. Muchiri says:

    I’d like to be a tangaza agent. Pliz get in touch.

  42. Wanje says:

    Still your site is rated as unsafe by WOT (Web of Trust). Please look into this issue. It doesn’t give a good impression if a money related or bank website is declared as unsafe ie is full of viruses and malware!
    E. Wanje

  43. njoshsn says:

    Thank you All for your Comments.. This post will be removed due to disk space utilization..
    Sorry for any in convince…

  44. njoshsn says:

    The Comments May be back.. Kindly bare with us.

  45. Lawyaz kirui says:

    Was there any deadline in registering tangaza agents? And can i register as a tangaza agent now?

  46. Mary Marion says:

    My organization want to set-up a Payment service via Tangaza how will we do about it?

  47. Dr. karua mutia says:

    Is this the official blog ? do guys here get help.?

    How organized is this Tangaza?

  48. Thanks for the reply the Email you gave did not work! Could you have a number for them.

    Hope this is not a scam how come the Email of such an IT company is not Working?

    • shumaa says:

      Hi Marion, you must meet 3 conditions. 1. Have an existing shop 2. the agency kit costs KES 50,000 and 3. Minimum float of KEs 15,000.

      • Shumaa how are you ? I think you did not get me. My organization want to set up a payment system like the Tangaza guys have do with KenGen. Do we Need to pay the 50k?

        @njoshsn kindly remove Shumaa Comment I think he is a con

  49. njoshsn says:

    Hi marion,

    The email you said is not working is for Shuma above he is an Employee. use his Number to contact him..

  50. Elton Mrabu says:

    @ Marion please contact us on XXXXXXX@mobilepay.co.ke or reach our customer service numbers

  51. josephine says:

    What is the difference between Tangaza and M-pesa? We use safaricom line to send or received money which line is used to send or receive money through tangaza

    • njoshsn says:

      josephine, M-Pesa if dependant on safaricom but Tangaza is diffrent in that you don’t have to be on safaricom or any other Network it can be performed from any phone. Hope this helps

  52. Lawrence says:

    What is tangaza all about?

  53. Where can I get your offices for deeper business discussion and linkage thereafter? I have been so much interested in linking with you for business coz I have an idea I want us to share. My number is 07@@@@@@@@@

  54. Benard says:

    Congratulation for such a creative, innovative & workable idea. I want to become an agent, are there requirements?

  55. laban says:

    I want to be an agent. What should i do ?

  56. Kung'u says:

    Our organization (Tour Company)want to set-up a Payment service via Tangaza Money Transfer.
    Please send me the manu/Details/Forms/Processes required

  57. M.K.maina says:

    hi,i have seen some guyz selling credit via the tangaza machine?how does it work and does one has to an agent..??

  58. Gerald Chege says:

    I want to register my mum how do i do that? please send me a mail.

  59. TANGAZA,MOBILE PAY LIMITED, that was an immaculate advert on sunday nation, hope its not april fools day ! your service is not making us happy 🙂 .

  60. Harrison says:

    How much money is required as a minimum balance to become a Tangaza agent…?

  61. edwin wangwe says:

    im in eldoret how can i be an agent n what are the terms n condition

  62. Tangaza is a great innovation that is shoulders hig above the competition in the money transfer market.Kindly send me an email on how to register personally ,and also become a tangaza agent.I am impressed with this innovational leap in technology. my name is Solomon Lango.
    My email is ; salomoni06@yahoo.com

  63. Wasonga Marvin says:


  64. olago says:

    someone told me the 50k deposited is refundable and not for the agency gadgets,how true is this?
    if I send to somebody money from tangaza,MUST this money be withdrawn from a tangaza agent?

  65. Peter says:

    can I use tangaza to withdraw money from liberty reserve??????

  66. Benson Mukungo says:

    I am interested in being a Tangaza agent. How do I get it and what are the conditions

  67. Soo nice to introduce another link for all networks l will enjoy them and share them out with my friends.l wish if i could be given a chance to be an agent in tangaza sales i can enjoy morer.

  68. Soo nice to introduce another link for all networks l will enjoy them and share them out with my friends.l wish if i could be given a chance to be an agent in tangaza sales i can enjoy morer.
    Qstn:while sending money via Tangaza money Transfer will you deducate some as M-pesa does?answer via email plz wooh!

  69. Wambui says:

    Hallo Tangaza,this is a really great idea i am extremely excited.Can you send me details of becoming an agent i have outlets in various parts of the city.


    What’s the Max.deposit..?

  71. qvsafari says:

    so who do you bank with in Washington DC? Send me more info to my email. Mpesa does not have an a/c number here so, if you have a bank account here i’ll bring in all my customers. How is your network like? Can your customer retrieve money from M-PESA kiosk?

  72. Macharia j says:

    i own a business in muchatha. how do i apply as an agent?

  73. jeche says:

    Now tangaza has gone an extra mile on adverts.Well done u will make it.

  74. alfred says:

    your terms and conditions are so tight

  75. thomas osero A says:


  76. Owagah Victor says:

    am quiting as an agent because of lack of seriosenes from your side.Ihave invested a lot of money in this and nothing forthcoming.Poor marketing,time wasting.its not working here for the 3 of us.

  77. Kilyungi says:

    Am trying to deposit money from tangaza to my suntra account and am told that i have insuficient funds yet i hav money in tangaza,what is the problem

  78. Paul says:

    im a caretkr at a building in githurai 45 smone tld me tht u cn put or paint ur advrt 4 a minimal fee if intrstd cl 0719616084

  79. what is the transaction fee both local & abroad.

  80. paul says:


  81. i want to be assited on how activate all my lines with tangaza.zain,yu,safaricom and orange because i am a regestired member.

  82. joseph gichia says:

    am writing on behave of joseph g karomo registered last year in september to ask when Tangaza money transfer start working.
    also the tablet is not accepting the national id details. pls reply.

  83. Chitsaka says:

    If you are in Kilifi North and u need Tangaza Service I am authouzied Agent under the name Suchi Business Center The office is stiuated at Kilifi main stage next to the Filing station

  84. marie says:

    hi we registered as tangaza agents last year september yet it has never started working upto now. we no longer see those who iintroduced us to tht wat measures are u taking to compensate us.

  85. marie says:

    want to know wether this tangaza is working.

  86. ian mureithi says:

    please do something on marketing your services n it wl attract many customers and surpass mpesa due to its advantages over mpesa

  87. robert says:

    Do you have Tangaza Agent in Mombasa town, and if so provide us with the location and contacts.I need your services

  88. aura ian says:

    i have broken the tablet. i already had the whole kit. can i get it replaced? if yes at what cost? or do i have to purchase the whole kit again?

  89. neyo says:

    You are very welcome in the telco vas . I want to find out if Tangaza have a NOC or are setting up one or how i can apply for an open opportunity? I work on contract with one of the telcos my contract ending, please any contacts? inbox me on owiram123@gmail.com

  90. joseph macharia says:

    Hi, Am in Taveta Tangaza agent and currently on PSV business. Am in position to let the pasagers pay fare using tangaza mobile pay. but the battery of the pos has let me down. how fast can I be supplied with one preferably a double batt. 0727040952 , # 141-80302 taveta

  91. Jane says:

    Want do start a mobile money transfer business i am legible without unexisting business?Doo you have field officers who can meet someone like meet?I personally feel this is the right time Kenyans embrace their own innovations and move to the next level of development

  92. David says:

    Who is the Tangaza Money Transfer agent in Malindi-Kilifi County

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