A facebook friend once said “A girlfriend is like a wife. Only that she is a day scholar and normally comes over on weekends for seminars and workshops.” While this is not my opinion I could liken the Wife to Safaricom and Zain to the girlfriend who would go to any length to win any happily married man. Before you mark me as deceitful, allow me to justify analogy.

Point one, it is the girlfriend who will always lower her standards just to win over the married man. This was evident when Zain lowered her standards and declared all their tariffs to have “No Terms and condition” to me the terms and condition define the relationship between the provider and the subscriber. If it is too good to be true then it is without a doubt NOT true even the good has limits. The terms and conditions govern the services usage and they tell you the limitation to which the provider can cover you in case of any issues, how you can get help among others I fore see legal battle between an enlightened subscriber and Zain over this miss placed marketing think I call it think to avoid the abuse of the word “strategy”. Let get back to our analogy what if your girlfriend just one day woke up and said “I don’t mind you do whatever you want” you would not think twice you would go for it praise her for “hearing your non requested request” but if you think of it you will discover that it all a hoax she is offering 20% of the package while your dear wife offered 80%.

Point Two, the girlfriend knows that “if the kitchen is too hot she should get out of the Kitchen” so she set the kitchen on fire so that both (her and your wife) can gets out of the kitchen. Zain staged this when they gave the 3 bob off and on board tariff they set on fire the voice usage industry. But the wife will always have back up strategies. If I had 23 billion Kenyan shillings I would not use it to destroy my opponent if she was here today mother Teresa would have told you “What you resist Persist “Safaricom will persist


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  1. Kim ng'ang'a says:

    This is hate speech but it has some truth in it

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