School management digital way.

Faulu Academy has the most stable and all rounded School management used and tested all by over 40,000 Schools and Colleges with over 20 million Teacher and Students.


Over 20 million User access and 40,000 School use in Just 6 Years

The system which is can be installed on school computer or hosted on faulu servers is avaiable at very friendly prices and have saved schools millions of US Dollars all over the world.

School System

The School system is easy to use with user friendly interfaces

The system is easy to use with easy to use touch interface and ‘to die for’ models like SMS notification and timetable. It will take you less than 20 min to set up your school and get started.

SMS view

Configure your School to send SMS to different groups at different events

The system provide a inbuilt automatic SMS to parents when Student is marked absent,report forms are generated among other (We provide you with Free* SMS Short code and bulk SMS at very attractive late)

No hassles on Time Tabling just drag and drop

No hassles on Time Tabling just drag and drop to Add teacher

With this system the headache of Timetabling is all gone, just drag and drop to create the school per class timetable.

Entering Marks is easy and he only task you need to generate a report form

Entering Marks is easy and he only task you need to generate a report form

With Faulu System all you will need to create a report form is enter the results of the students and click generate report forms Parents will get SMS version of the report form.


HR management with complete. Teachers and other employees can login and apply for leave among other features

HR management comes with complete. Teachers and other employees can login and apply for leave among other features

HR management comes with complete. Teachers and other employees can login and apply for leave among other features

Easy to Access from your phone

Easy to Access from your phone

Untitled - Copy

With this system it will be easy to reconcile fee payment even from M-Pesa payment that can be integrated

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WhatsApp Calls ‘a game changer’ ?

WhatsApp-for-iPhone-Call-button-1024x859WhatsApp opened its voice calling service to Android users to test, and the hype that followed may be of concern to mobile operators.

Kenya already has millions of WhatsApp users, and if a significant portion of these users switch from normal voice to WhatsApp calling the loss in revenue to mobile operators would be huge.

While players like WhatsApp and Facebook have been eating mobile operators’ lunch for years, traditional mobile voice services can fight back.

Here are some of the benefits of traditional voice calls over WhatsApp voice calling.


A minute of WhatsApp call costs around 0.35MB which means you can go for 11 minutes with the safaricom 4MB that cost KSH 5 or more with that Unliminet thing that Never work.

One setback to WhatsApp calls is that the full cost of the call is carried by the caller during a normal mobile voice call. While a WhatsApp Voice requires that all participants foot their own data bills.

It should be noted that when services such as WhatsApp voice calling are used over a Wi-Fi network backed by an uncapped broadband connection, the cost drops to “basically free”.


Mobile operators have the edge when it comes to call quality. Dedicated capacity on an operator’s circuit-switched network means good-quality calls.

WhatsApp voice competes with other data, like file downloads and streaming, which could lead to capacity issues.

Mobile operators are also implementing new technologies like HD Voice and VoLTE, which further enhances voice calling quality.

General benefits of traditional mobile calling

The biggest benefit of traditional mobile calls is that you can call anyone, anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp voice requires the other user to also have WhatsApp. It is also unlikely that WhatsApp voice will enjoy a big uptake in the enterprise market.

And then there is the issue of WhatsApp support. Many people in Kenya have very basic phones which do not support WhatsApp.

The bottom line

While WhatsApp voice will most likely be a popular and cheap alternative to traditional mobile calls for many people, not everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

Traditional mobile calling has a lot going for it, and offers many benefits over WhatsApp voice.

Whether these benefits will be enough to protect mobile operators’ large voice revenues is yet to be seen.


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Popcorn Time Is Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare, And It Can’t Be Stopped


Imagine for a moment if Napster were cloned hundreds of times. If there were a NapsterStanford, a NapsterMIT, or a Napster for your high school completely independent from, yet just as powerful as, the original. Imagine what would have happened if Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker had released the source code, allowing any developer to essentially copy and build upon his software. Imagine if Napster were open source.

The RIAA would have fought a war on a thousand fronts. And lost.

Video piracy is on the verge of having its Napster moment. A piece of software appeared last week called Popcorn Time. It makes watching pirated movies as easy as firing up Netflix. Everything is free. There’s no mess or fuss — you press play.

Popcorn Time makes it as easy to watch pirated content as Napster did to download songs. It’s a nightmare for Hollywood.

The creators…

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Strand Releasing Nabs Sundance Prizewinner ‘Summer of Sangaile’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Aaron Rimbui – Inside Man


AARON RIMBUI – The Inside Man (As lifted off Mavuno Life – July 2013)

It’s a smoke-filled dimly lit room. Alcoholic beverages are stacked up on every table, even as the dance floor begins to fill up.

Aaron_Rimbui Aaron Rimbui

Not quite the setting one would expect for a church boy and former worship leader. But this is what greets Aaron Rimbui as he takes to the stage at the popular club – Choices Bar & Restaurant. No crucifix. No stained-glass windows. No hallelujah chants. Just a plain old fashioned Friday evening.

Aaron Rimbui may be a Christian, but he’s not one built for conformity. Aaron’s

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Should Kenya Allow Software Patents?

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A simple SMS reader



Today we will make our first Tizen App. If you used the phone emulator before, you will notice that it does not  have a built-in SMS App and to be honest I don’t know why they didn’t make one. So as our first App we will make a simple SMS reader.

For now Apps are made using HTML and Javascript (jQuery is avaliable), but in the future other ways to construct Apps might be possible. If you don’t know anything about HTML, Javascript and the plugin jQuery. Take a look in these links:

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